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Our Mission

The One Nai Harn starts as a tight partnership between development and construction company Boon Pakorn Co., Ltd. , Phuket One and Premier Siam Group

The partnership vision is to create a self sufficient join venture with a solid background to cover every aspect of project development: investment fund, construction, sales and marketing


Better environmental planning and design of a proposal. Carrying out an EIA entails an analysis of alternatives in the design and location of projects. This can result in the selection of an improved technology, which lowers waste outputs or an environmentally optimum location for a project. A well-designed project can minimise risks and impacts on the environment and people

EIA Approved development in Phuket

By Burasari

Exceptional level of SPA treatment service from Burasari, which is number 1 on TripAdvisor in Phuket and Bangkok, just next door from your apartment. The SPA is more of a wellness center  with its own reception and rooms for massage as well as a sauna and ice pool together with the fitness area, so our guests will be able to enjoy more activities that benefit their health and wellbeing. 

This also going in the same direction of the new image of Phuket as a healthy lifestyle destination. Great for Detoxing, skin benefits, every people can have relief from aches and pains or just relax and enjoy a healthy holiday;